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Will MPT team solve Billu’s case or is he going to the jail in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir?

Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir
Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir

Chandigarh :28 December 2022 (22G TV) Maddam Sir on Sony SAB is an action-packed cop drama that has been successful in keeping its audience entertained. The show brings adventurous cases in MPT (Mahila Police Thana), and the super cops solve them with their quick witted yet progressive ideas. The show’s upcoming episodes will be more interesting as new cases arrive, one of which will entail Billu. He will be scammed by someone, putting him under the suspicion of the MPT team.

The previous episodes showed how the MPT team along with Haseena Malik and Karishma Singh saved Pushpa Singh from the joker with the help of Meera’s prediction. The further episode will feature an interesting case at MPT. Billu will start a business of mid-day meal which helps the children in school, and he also earns some profit out of it. But his mid-day meal will create a havoc among the parents when the students start falling ill after consuming the meal. Haseena Malik will be investing the case in assistance with the MPT team. What circumstances will Billu face while being suspected for adulterated mid-day meal and will MPT team be able to prove him not guilty?
Will Billu end up going to the jail again this time?
Gulki Joshi who essays the role of Haseena Malik Said, “The MPT team is always ready to fight for their people, and Billu has been with them for a long time. Haseena, too, believes Billu has changed and that he deserves to be heard. So, the MPT team will come together to investigate the truth from the ground and bring justice to the students as well as Billu. I believe that it is always about providing appropriate justice under all circumstances. As a result, Haseena and Karishma will conduct a thorough investigation and arrest the true perpetrators. Keep watching Maddam Sir only on Sony SAB.”

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