Home Entertainment What? Is Urmila back in Maddam Sir?

What? Is Urmila back in Maddam Sir?

Urmila back in Maddam Sir
Urmila back in Maddam Sir

Chandigarh : 1 December 2022 (22G TV) Filled with loads of drama and entertainment, Sony SAB’s super cop show Maddam Sir is doling out new twists for its viewers week after week. And now we are in for a new twist and surprise as Urmila comes into the picture. Yes, you heard it right! Soon the viewers will witness the swag of Urmila in the show.

Shivani Tai, who unintentionally killed Saira, surrenders to authorities at MPT. Everyone at MPT is ecstatic about their triumph over the Chingari gang. Karishma and Haseena are having fun and playing fugdi. Haseena loses her balance and collapses after she hits her head on the wall. Another major change is on the way as Haseena recovers as Urmila. Everyone at MPT is stunned, but Karishma questions Haseena and doubts if she is acting.

Is Haseena acting? If yes, then what is the motive behind it?

Gulki Joshi, who plays SHO Haseena Malik, said, “Haseena and everyone at MPT are overjoyed since the Chingari gang has been defeated. DSP delivers important news to Haseena during a meeting at his office. When Haseena returns to MPT, everyone rejoices. Haseena gets injured while playing fugdi with Karishma and transforms into Urmila. What is the news that DSP shared with Haseena? Is this related to Haseena’s Urmila avatar? Continue to watch Maddam Sir to find out.”

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