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Karwa Chauth Celebrations on the Sets of Hasseyan Da Halla 2 with our Reel life Daughter-in-Laws !

Karwa Chauth Celebrations
Karwa Chauth Celebrations

Chandigarh. 19th October 2021(22G TV) Karwa Chauth is round the corner and our TV shows have always captured the essence of the festival and make us believe in true love. Not only this, it has been more glamorous and stylish nowadays. Regardless of whatever is happening in our lives, this kind of festival improves ones’ relationships. Similarly, the reel life daughter-in- laws from Zee Punjabi get together and celebrate Karwachauth on the set of Hasseyan Da Halla 2.

‘Hasseyan Da Halla 2’ show is well known for its essence of laughter to our weekends, with hilarious jokes and jests. Jaswinder Bhalla and his team have made a immotile spot in the hearts of its fans. In fact, the pack is ready to cheer the audience, inviting the Reel Life Daughter-in-Laws, Sardarni Preet from Geet Dholi, Amanjot Kaur from Khasman Nu Khani, Mandeep kaur from Chotti Jathani, Pihu Sharma from Punjabiyaan Di Dadagiri, Akanksha Sodhi from Swaad Aa Gaya and Misha Sarowal Bakshi from Superstar Nuh to the show. Karwachauth will be a perfect occasion for all the ladies to get together and celebrate this festival because it not only includes Hasseyan da Halla 2 show lovers but also their show’s audience will come together and rejoice.

Further talking about the shows, In Geet Dholi, as we all know that Meher marries Geet by applying vermilion during the party and shocks everyone. A series of questions arise according to the current situation: did they get married? Will Geet accept Mehar as her husband? And if Geet accepts him and the relationship between them, then will she fast for her husband’s well being also? To see what happens next on Geet Dholi stay tuned at 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday only on Zee Punjabi.

Other shows are also no less in boosting curiosity, like in our other loved show ‘Khasma Nu Khaani’, misunderstanding has been created between Ranveer and Desho by Armaan and Simple. In the latest episodes, where Devika tries to come closer to Ranveer amid a divorce plea, we saw Desho leave a letter for Ranveer so he could realize how important he is to her and help him make the right decision. We also hope that Desho fasts for Karva Chauth and strengthens her relationship. To see if Ranveer would melt his heart and love Desho as before, stay tuned at 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday only on Zee Punjabi.

To make your Karwa Chauth more delightful and filled with ecstasy, watch the show Hasseyan Da Halla 2 only on Zee Punjabi at 7:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.