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“Ayurveda’s ‘satvavjayi chikitsa’ to improve willpower, is helping legendary athlete Mann Kaur.” Ayurveda expert Guru Manish


(22G TV) : Chandigarh, July 15, 2021 : The legendary 105-year-old track-and-field athlete Mann Kaur who holds world records in the over-100 years old categories for a variety of events, is a recipient of the Nari Shakti Puraskar award given to her by the President of India, & who has also been awarded by the PM is responding well to Ayurvedic & nature cure treatment. Mann Kaur is presently admitted in Hospital & Institute of Integrated Medical sciences(HIIMS) located on the Chandigarh -Delhi highway near Chandigarh. HIIMS is the only integrated medical sciences hospital of India that provides cure based on a judicious combination of different medical systems like Ayurveda, allopathy, naturopathy etc. Ayurveda doctors attending on Mann Kaur said that her condition was improving and that she will now be given a light food diet too.

Mann Kaur is suffering from cancer of the liver & gallbladder.

“When she came to us she was unconscious , and her reflexes were poor ,excessive weakness was also noticeable . She is showing good signs of recovery ,though age is a major factor that we can’t do much about. Our approach is to get her benefits at the mental(manas) & physical(kaya) levels to counter her medical condition holistically. We are using a wholesome ‘satvavjayi chikitsa’ approach – which uses mental counselling to boost up confidence in self & will power, which helps in countering disease well. This is helping Mann Kaur Ji.” Said Guru Manish, Founder of HIIMS,

Added Guru Manish, “When she came to us she was in extreme pain but after our treatment the pain has subsided. No one was ready to take her case due to her age factor so I decided to take a step to treat her keeping in view her achievements in athletics due to which Chandigarh has got a name at the national as well as international levels. We are treating her using Ayurveda free of cost. ”

Dr Suyash the doctor attending on Mann Kaur said , “Apart from ‘satvavjayi chikitsa’ we are giving her an amalgamation of Panchkarma therapies & diet management suitable to her body type (prakriti) & vaya(age).”

Mann Kaur’s exploits at such an old age have been exemplary. In 2016 she became the fastest centenarian at a competition in the American Masters Game. In the World Masters Games 2017 , held in Auckland she completed the 100 metre sprint in 74 seconds. In 2019 she competed in Poland winning four events in her category – shot put, 60m sprint, 200m and the javelin. Again in 2019, at an age of 103 she won gold in the 200 meter dash at and shot put at the Asian Masters Championship in Malaysia.15