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Sony SAB ropes in Swati Kapoor in the upcoming romantic family drama ‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’

Sony SAB ropes in Swati Kapoor
Sony SAB ropes in Swati Kapoor

Mohali 30 January 2023 (222G TV) Sony SAB’s upcoming romantic family drama, Dhruv Tara, is set to be a unique and captivating love story that spans different eras and perspectives. The show follows the journey of Dhruv and Tara, portrayed by Ishaan Dhawan and Riya Sharma respectively, as their paths cross in the present day. Tara, a princess from the 17th century, travels through time in pursuit of a cure for her brother’s illness. This creates an interesting dynamic as the audience will be able to see how the differences in time periods affect the way the characters view love and relationships.

The existing cast will now be joined by the talented actress, Swati Kapoor, as Ayesha, a wealthy and pampered daughter of the Dean of Agra’s best medical college. This character adds a new perspective to the show, as Ayesha, being from a privileged background, struggles with facing difficulties in life and tends to put her own needs above others, creating a complex and nuanced character. Ayesha and Dhruv have had a connection in the past, but will her feelings for Dhruv turn into an obstacle in Dhruv and Tara’s unusual love story? Only time will tell!

The show’s compelling narrative, diverse cast, and exploration of different perspectives on love and relationships across different eras, is expected to appeal to a wide range of viewers from all ages and backgrounds, making it a hit for the whole family to enjoy. The audience will be able to see how the characters’ different opinions and experiences shape their understanding of love and relationships and how they are affected by the time periods they come from.
On playing the role of Ayesha, Swati Kapoor says, “I am ecstatic to join the cast of Dhruv Tara. The show has a distinct and riveting storyline, and I am eager to take on the role of Ayesha, a multi-dimensional and intriguing character. I am confident that my experience will allow me to infuse the character with my own personal touch. I am honored to be a part of the Sony SAB family, as this is my first show with the channel, and I am hopeful that this partnership will be a long-lasting one. I am eagerly looking forward to collaborating with the talented cast and crew to bring this show to life for the audience.”

Dhruv Tara Samay Sadi Se Pare launches on February 20th on Sony SAB, stay tuned for more updates.