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Gini Health Hospital celebrated World Diabetes Day with awareness drive by former HOD of PGI

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Chandigarh (22G TV) 14 November 2022 : Till two decades ago, diabetes was known as a health problem associated with increasing age. But at present, its danger is seen increasing rapidly even in young people. That’s why people of all ages need to be aware of diabetes and should change their food habits and lifestyle, said Dr. Anil Bhansali, famous endocrinologist and director of Gini Health Hospital Mohali. He started a massive awareness campaign at Gini Hospital on the occasion of World Diabetes Day. On this occasion, under the chairmanship of Dr. Bhansali’s doctors, the doctors made the patients aware about the symptoms of diabetes and prevention .
Dr. Bhansali said that according to a figure, the number of diabetes patients under 40 in the UK was close to 1.20 lakh in 2016-17, which has increased by 23 percent to more than 1.48 in 2020-21. Similar figures are also being seen in India. Former HOD of PGI’s Department of Endocrinology, Dr. Bhansali said that at present, one in every four new patients of diabetes is below 40 years of age. Many types of risk factors are making youth victims of this serious disease.
Diabetes patients are increasing in the world. According to the World Health Organization, about 4 million patients die of diabetes every year worldwide. That’s why World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on 14 November to make people aware of diabetes globally, to tell people about its treatment, diagnosis, care. US research based Diabetes reversal program for diabetes patients with less than 5 years history was announced on the occasion.
Gini health while celebrating it’s first anniversary aims to make Tricity Diabetes free . Gini health has emerged as North India’s best Mono Speciality Diabetes and Hormone Care Centre under able Director Dr Anil Bhansali , said Sarvjeet Singh Virk , Cofounder and Gurjot Narwal Founder &CEO Gini Health