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Will Tara’s plan of kidnapping Dhruv and taking him to the 17th century be successful in Sony SAB’s romance drama Dhruv Tara?

Dhruv Tara Sony Sab
Dhruv Tara Sony Sab

Chandigarh 15th March 2023 (22G TV) Sony SAB’s family romance drama Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare focuses on the lives of Tara (Riya Sharma), a princess from the 17th century, and Dhruv (Ishaan Dhawan), a neurosurgeon in the 21st century. Tara breaks the barriers of eras and goes beyond time to meet Dhruv, who can help her find a cure for her brother, whose well-being is crucial for the future of her kingdom. From Tara living with Dhruv in his house to her finding out that he has got an opportunity to work at an international hospital, Tara has undergone a wave of emotions, and with every new step, a new set of struggles and challenges unfolds.

In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will witness Tara’s life taking a turn as she tries to tell Dhruv her story and pulls every string to make him believe her story so that he finally helps her in saving Mahaveer (Krishan Bharadwaj)’s life. However, life doesn’t function as you want, and Tara’s destiny definitely has different plans. With just one month remaining before Dhruv travels abroad, she has no option but to take a drastic step that will change her and Dhruv’s life forever. Tara decides to kidnap Dhruv and tries to take him to the 17th century through the time travel portal.

Will Tara’s step of kidnapping Dhruv and taking him to the 17th century solve all her problems, or is this a beginning of a new challenge?

Riya Sharma, who portrays the character of Tara, said, “I am enjoying portraying the character of Tarapriya, and I am loving the way Tara’s journey is shaping up in the 21st century. She faces every challenge with so much courage and positivity, which is commendable. From being a princess in her era to actually washing utensils in this era, Tara is proving that when it is about your family, you can go to any extent to safeguard them and their life. I think the upcoming episodes will showcase a different side of Tara.”

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