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Will Rashi be able to stop Dilip’s attempt to demolish the chawl in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible?

Sony SAB's Pushpa Impossible
Sony SAB's Pushpa Impossible

Mumbai, July 24, 2023: (22G TV) Sony SAB’s “Pushpa Impossible” takes viewers on an extraordinary adventure with Pushpa, a single mother brilliantly portrayed by the versatile actor Karuna Pandey. Pushpa’s unwavering resolve to create a life of dignity and pride for herself and her children serves as an inspiring display of strength and determination. In recent episodes, the audience witnessed Pushpa’s ex-husband Dilip Patel (Jayesh More), fight with Bapodra regarding the chawl.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness Dilip’s desperation to win against Bapodra, driving him to use his network to fabricate false documents and allege illegal construction in the chawl, including part of the Bapodra house. As Dilip arrives with a bulldozer to tear the chawl down, the true drama unfolds with Rashi (Deshna Dugad) realizing the true colours of her father. As Dilip steps out of the shadow of Dharam Raidhan, Rashi is shocked to discover that her father, who she once loved and immensely respected, is nowhere close to who she thought he was. Rashi refuses to back down, bravely taking a stand against Dilip’s plan to destroy not only her home but also the homes of her loved ones. The clash between the two promises to be a gripping and intense moment for viewers.

Yet, the question remains: Will Rashi be able to save the chawl from Dilip’s twisted intentions?
Deshna Dugad, who plays the character of Rashi Patel, said, “As a child, Rashi had always placed blind trust in her father, even though her relationship with her mother, Pushpa, was somewhat tumultuous. However, as the true and darker side of the person she idolised is exposed, Rashi experiences a deep sense of betrayal and shock, feeling utterly let down. I think the portrayal of Rashi becomes both exciting and intense as she discovers the courage to stand up and speak on behalf of everyone. I hope the audience will also be thrilled to witness Rashi’s determined fight for her family.”