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Will Pushpa be able to choose between the responsibility of a mother or friendship on Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible?

Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible
Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible

Mohali : 20 April 2023 (22G TV) Pushpa Impossible, a show on Sony SAB that tells the interesting tale of a single mother’s journey to support her children and pursue her education. The show features Pushpa (played by Karuna Pandey), a devoted mother of three who constantly strives to meet her children’s needs and solve their problems. Her optimistic and resourceful approach, combined with her charming clumsiness, captivates viewers. The show’s latest episodes feature Pushpa as she navigates the challenges posed by her ex-husband Dilip (played by Jayesh More), however, new challenges are creeping into her life while she battles Dilip’s attacks.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Pushpa in an emotional dilemma. On the one hand, she can see how madly her son, Chirag (Darshan Gurjar) is in love with Prarthana but is also very well aware that Jay, the boy Prarthana is getting engaged to, is a better option than Chirag for her. At one end she has to support Chirag emotionally, at the other end, she also has to think about Prarthana’s future as she is also her neighbour and best friend Sushila’s daughter.

Will Pushpa be able to decide whether to support Chirag or save her friendship with Sushila?
Karuna Pandey, who plays the role of Pushpa, said, “The dilemma that Pushpa is facing is not an easy one for her to decide. On one side, there is Chirag, who is seeking his mother’s support in completing his love story, and on the other side is her best friend and neighbour Sushila and her daughter’s wellbeing, which is to be considered. Although, Pushpa knows that Jay is a better match for Prarthana than Chirag as he is well-settled and will provide her with everything compared to Chirag. It is a difficult situation as she is Chirag’s mother and wants to see her kid happy. How Pushpa chooses between motherhood and friendship will be an interesting watch for the viewers.”

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