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Will Deepti be successful in fixing Pushpa’s saree in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible?

Garima Parihar
Garima Parihar

Chandigarh: 14 November 2022 (22G TV) Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible is everything a slice-of-life should be and more! It’s a heartwarming narrative of a gutsy and quirky woman, Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), whose strength in the face of adversity is something we all strive to have. Every day is a new story in Pushpa’s life, and the upcoming episode will show how her daughter-in-law, Deepti Patel, tries to fix her handwoven saree, which is very close to Pushpa’s heart.

Deepti Patel accidentally burns Pushpa’s handwoven saree, which was her father’s last gift to her which she has always treasured. Even though Pushpa forgives her and moves on, Deepti is saddened by the fact that she burned her mother-in- law’s saree, which had an emotional connection to her. Deepti is unable to forgive herself for this act and decides to mend her saree by visiting the address where it was handwoven.

Garima Parihar, who essays the role of Deepti, shared her views, “I personally can’t bear seeing anyone sad or disappointed in my family, and Deepti’s mother-in-law, whom she loves and respects the most, is sad as a result of her unintentional actions.”

Although she’s been forgiven, that does not give Deepti a sense of self satisfaction. She does everything she can to fix her saree. Things will divert towards something that is long gone and will bring back some deep forgotten memories for Pushpa”

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