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“To embody the larger-than-life persona of Senapati, I had to cultivate the right mindset”, – said Vineet Kumar Chaudhury, aka Senapati Samrat from Sony SAB’s Dhruv Tara

Samrat Senapati in Sony SAB’s Dhruv Tara
Samrat Senapati in Sony SAB’s Dhruv Tara

Mohali : 14th June 2023 (22G TV) Popular television actor Vineet Kumar Chaudhury has captivated audiences with his impeccable portrayal of Senapati Samrat in Sony SAB’s Dhruv Tara. With his striking presence and remarkable talent, Vineet effortlessly brings this character to life on the screen. His nuanced performance as Senapati Samrat has garnered widespread acclaim. With each scene, Vineet effortlessly draws viewers into the captivating world of Senapati Samrat.

In a candid conversation, Vineet reveals,

1. What aspects of Samrat Senapati’s character do you find the most intriguing, and how did you bring those qualities to life on screen?

Every character perceives themselves as justified rather than negative, and Samrat Senapati is no exception. His ambition to claim the throne drives him to take extreme measures. Rooted in purani parampara, he believes that men and women can never achieve equality. Change is seen as a threat, prompting him to resist those advocating for it. Throughout my career, I had not ventured into the realm of historical or mythological characters, but in preparation for this role, I immersed myself in extensive research, including studying historical accounts, mythology, and relevant literature. This thorough groundwork helped me bring his character to life on screen.

2.. How did you prepare yourself to portray the negative role of Samrat Senapati in Dhruv Tara? Were there any specific challenges you faced?

When the opportunity to portray Samrat Senapati in Sony SAB’s “Dhruv Tara” came my way, I realized that my character was more than just a one-dimensional villain. To embody the larger-than-life persona of Senapati, I had to cultivate the right mindset. I immersed myself in the character, understanding his motivation and conviction. His desire for kingship, his commitment to tradition, and his contrasting perspective on gender equality fascinated me. By delving into the character and conducting extensive research, I’ve tried to approach the role with depth and capture the intricacies of Samrat Senapati.

3. How do you manage to balance the negative traits of Samrat Senapati with the overall narrative of the show, ensuring that the viewers remain engaged and interested in his character?

As an actor, I recognise that the portrayal of a character is heavily influenced by the script and direction provided to us. While we may not have complete autonomy over the material we receive, our goal is to make it captivating, charismatic, and full of surprises, all to delight our audience. In addition, we strive to infuse our own creativity and interpretation into the role, discovering ways to highlight the character’s distinct qualities and intricacies. Through the addition of depth and subtlety in our performance, we aim to engross the viewers and leave a lasting impact. Although we operate within the parameters of the script and direction, we actors endeavor to impart our unique essence to the role, elevating the overall entertainment quotient of the project.

4. Can you share any memorable experiences or scenes from your journey as Samrat Senapati on Dhruv Tara that stand out to you?

I am truly enthralled by my appearance in the show, regardless of the character’s nature. This particular role holds a special place in my heart and is the one I am most devoted to. The initial weeks of shooting in Karjat provided me with a remarkable environment, captivating sets, and great costumes, which allowed me to connect with the character deeply. During this time, I developed a profound bond with my horse, further enriching my understanding and portrayal of the role. The immersive experience on set profoundly influenced my depiction, enabling me to embody the essence of the character authentically.

5. As an actor playing a negative role, what do you hope the viewers take away from your portrayal of Samrat Senapati in terms of understanding complex and multi-dimensional characters?

Approaching the portrayal of negative characters, my unwavering commitment is to immerse myself deeply in their complexities, striving to breathe life into their darkest corners. When entrusted with such roles, my ultimate aspiration is to transcend all expectations, delivering a performance that resonates profoundly and leaves an indelible mark on the audience’s psyche. By exploring the depths of these characters’ motivations, intricacies, and vulnerabilities, I endeavor to craft a portrayal that is so compelling and authentic that it becomes inconceivable to envision anyone else embodying the role.

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