Home Entertainment Sony SAB’s strong women share their thoughts around International Women’s Day

Sony SAB’s strong women share their thoughts around International Women’s Day

Sony SAB International Women’s Day
Sony SAB International Women’s Day

Chandigarh : 2nd March 2023 (22G TV) As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is important to acknowledge women as an irreplaceable part of our lives. In this special article, here are the leading female actors from the Sony SAB family sharing their thoughts about womanhood and their views on the indomitable spirit.

Karuna Pandey, playing the role of Pushpa in Pushpa Impossible
“I feel womanhood should be celebrated every day rather than a particular day, but I do have a few special women in my life and I would love to pamper them and make them feel loved. I think it’s important to motivate women to be independent and just like my character Pushpa, I believe women should stand firm against all odds. I want to tell all the men to be respectful towards women and to all the ladies out there don’t let that crown fall.”
Pariva Pranati as Vandana Wagle from Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey
“Women’s Day is a celebration of how far we have come as a society. It truly captures the essence of what womanhood is about. Portraying a strong woman character on television is a dream come true for me. Vandana Wagle is inspiring in every way; her vulnerability, her confidence and especially her ability to make mistakes and get back up. Her flaws and imperfections are what make her beautiful. Vandana is the perfect mix of strong and emotional and she does have a big influence on me in my day-to-day life. Vandana is an ode to all the women who balance their lives with grace. Happy Women’s Day to all the hidden Vandanas!”

Kaveri Priyam, playing the role of Amrita in Dil Diyaan Gallaan
“The feeling of being loved and respected makes us women feel special. I also feel that instead of celebrating women on a specific day, we should celebrate, respect, and love them throughout the year because we all have different battles to fight throughout the year. Women’s Day also should be a day when one should celebrate the various roles and responsibilities a woman takes up. As seen in my show Dil Diyaan Gallan, my character Amrita is also balancing various roles from a daughter to a granddaughter and also a strong independent woman.”

Riya Sharma, playing the role of Rajkumari Tarapriya in Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare
“Like my character Rajkumari Tarapriya in the show, ‘Dhruv Tara’, I firmly believe that women are protective and go to any extent for the wellbeing of their loved ones. I believe women are capable of successfully playing different roles in life. However, every woman must have her own identity, work towards achieving her dreams, protect her family, and should not give it up for anyone. A woman should always celebrate herself in all the ups and downs she faces in her life because, at the end of the day, these are the things that will help her in building a better life for herself.”

Narayani Shastri, playing the role of Rani Kanupriya in Dhruv Tara
“To all the amazing women out there, wishing you a happy Women’s Day. The most beautiful thing you can do for anyone is to make them smile and feel special. Since we have a particular day assigned, please take this day to spread joy and create a happy surrounding. I don’t plan anything big, but I make sure to either write a note or give a flower or personalize anything just for that personal touch to celebrate the women around.