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Kumar Taurani, Birender Dhillon & Shamsher Lehri present “Dus Avtaar”, on the occasion of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurpurab

Dus Avtar

Chandigarh (22G TV) 9 November 2022 For the first time in the history of Indian Music, a music label has created an album devoted to the 11 gurus of Sikh with each song that highlights their journeys, their sayings & the essence of Sikhism. Each song is an infinite joy which is beyond the span of words; for words are volatile, but the joy which emanates from the songs is eternal.

Sharing the greetings of one of the highly celebrated festivals of Sikh’s Gurpurab, Singers Birender Dhillon & Shamsher Lehri have released a devotional album titled “Dus Avtaar’ on Tips devotional YouTube channel “Bhakti Prem”. The devotional album is sure to tug at the heartstrings. Not just the melody, even the video which shows 11 Gurus has a very peaceful vibe to it.

The singers say that they find Nanak in everyone and everything – in music, in people and their beliefs, everything is influenced by the power of Guru Nanak “Today and we wish his teachings stay with us and always inspire us”

Recalling their Gurpurab celebrations, Birender Dhillon & Shamsher Lehri comment saying, “We would go to Gurudwara and look forward to having prasad, patashe and langar there. Meet our extended family & friends & exchange greetings”