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HY-BOX Introduced PM Modi’s “Green Hydrogen” Mission To Get A Boost

Gaurav Tiwari Tony Head of Hydrogen Division
Gaurav Tiwari Tony Head of Hydrogen Division

Chandigarh, Jan 17, 2024 (22G TV)  In a path-breaking innovation, serial entrepreneur Gaurav Tiwari Tony, Head of Hydrogen Division, has introduced Hy-Box Technology, aimed at giving a boost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for promoting “green hydrogen” to revolutionize the energy landscape.

“Hy-Box technology is an outcome of extensive research and development pursuits based on reliable scientific analysis and study, which has the potential to accelerate the pace of offering a clean and sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuels,” said Gaurav Tiwari Tony, who has not only worked on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects but has also built a Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU)-based LNG terminal. FSRU is a floating vessel that can transport, store, and re-gasify Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) on-board.

He revealed that the new Hy-Box Technology is purely a thermal heat technology where a 200- degree hard rock is used to generate steam in a closed loop, which is then directed to propel turbines to generate green power. The technology further uses electrolysers to generate “green hydrogen”. “We are in talks with a German company for supply of required turbines and electrolysers. We will be doing three projects in different locations, starting with 1 MW implementation and each project will be expandable to 5 MW.”

Gaurav Tiwari Tony revealed that once Hy-Box POC projects are implemented, a Patent for Thermal “Green Hydrogen” Production will be filed. Gaurav Tiwari Tony, holds 3 Patents in energy and other fields.

Gaurav said further, “We are in talks with companies for offtake and distribution of “green hydrogen” on a city basis. What’s more, our parent company BoxLNG is implementing 3 Compressed Biogas (CBG) projects worth 300 crores in 2024. BoxLNG has a previous tie up with a Norwegian Fund too.”

“We have a very strong team. We have a Padma Shri Geologist working as consultant to ensure successful implementation of the projects.” added Gaurav Tiwari Tony.

In reply to a question, Gaurav said that India’s requirements of five million tonnes of hydrogen can be met only through adopting innovative technologies. “India is the 2nd largest importer of LNG in the world after Japan. LNG capacity is approximately 30 million tonnes and up to 3-9 percent hydrogen needs to be added in Re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG),” added Gaurav Tiwari Tony, who was in the USA for the last 20 years before returning to India to contribute to his motherland’s green energy generation needs.

Asked if “green hydrogen” can really be produced with the present power generation systems like solar, or any other energy, Gaurav Tiwari Tony, who has three patents already in energy and other sectors, said, “Hy-Box Technology’s innovation to generate “green hydrogen” is best suited as it can be implemented in any part of the country as 200-degree hot rock is everywhere. This is based on a 200-degree hot rock closed loop thermal system and will run 24 hours as base load green power to produce green hydrogen.”

Gaurav expressed happiness over the fact that the National “Green Hydrogen” Mission, approved by the Union Cabinet in January 2023, has an outlay of Rs. 19,744 crore, aims to create a capacity of 5 metric million tonnes per annum (MMTPA) by 2030. Referring to Prime Minister Modi’s model of 2 kg carbon for 1 kg hydrogen, Gaurav said that Hy-Box Technology will obviate any need to produce carbon as it will produce 100 per cent green hydrogen production with zero carbon emissions.

It is worth mentioning that Reliance Industries by 2030 plans to create or enable capacity to generate at least 100 gigawatts of electricity from renewable sources, which can be converted into carbon-free “green hydrogen”. Reacting to a news report based on Reliance Industries statement that the company can produce “Green Hydrogen” in $ 1 per kg, Gaurav said that $ 2 per kg for long term and $ 3 per kg till the project cost looks more feasible.