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Harphoul Mohini’ will premiere on 14th June at 9 pm and air every Monday to Friday, only on COLORS

Harphoul Mohini Tv Show
Harphoul Mohini Tv Show

Chandigarh, 1st June 2022 (22G TV)  It is said that love has the power to overcome all differences, but can it bridge the gap between North and South with two distinct cultures? Bringing one such light hearted tale is COLORS’ new romantic drama ‘Harphoul Mohini’ that chronicles the lives of two contrasting personalities -Harphoul, who hails from Haryana and Mohini who comes from Kerala. While they belong to different backgrounds and ideologies, will Harphoul and Mohini be able to discover love after being bound together by the institution of marriage? Popular television actors Shagun Sharma and Zebby Singhh have been roped in to play the lead roles of Mohini and Harphoul respectively. They recently visited Chandigarh to kickstart their new journey and talk about their new show. Produced by Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment, ‘Harphoul Mohini’ will premiere on 14th June at 9 pm and air every Monday to Friday, only on COLORS.

While ‘Haryana ka Jaat’ Harphoul Chaudhari is a tall and handsome extrovert, who wears his heart on his sleeves but has a conservative mindset. On the other hand, ‘Kerala ki Penkutty’ Mohini Vijayan is a simple and educated girl having a progressive outlook on life. As their lives intermingle and fate brings them together through an arranged marriage, they navigate through their distinct cultures and ideologies forming a bittersweet relationship wherein at every step external forces also keep creating hurdles in their journey. Will North’s Harphoul and South’s Mohini be able to adjust to each other’s lifestyles and build a life together while navigating through all obstacles?

Speaking about the launch of the show and visiting Chandigarh, Shagun Sharma said, “My character of Mohini in the show is of a simple girl from Kerala who is educated and strongly opinionated. As she gets married to Harphoul who is the polar opposite of her, a beautiful tale ensures that the viewers will love and adore her. Chandigarh never disappoints you with its hospitality. The people of this city have always been very affectionate, and I am humbled by the warm welcome.”

Zebby Singhh, who hails from Mohali, says, “I am excited to come back to Chandigarh! Its my home as I hail from Mohali.So its homecoming for me. My character Harphoul is a proud Haryanvi man who is deeply rooted in his culture and traditions. When Mohini enters his life, it takes an interesting turn leading to a beautiful love story. I hope that the viewers enjoy Harphoul and Mohini’s chemistry and shower us with immense love.”

‘Harphoul Mohini’ boasts of an ensemble cast that includes Supriya Shukla, Tej Sapru, Pankaj Vishnu among others.

Watch an unusual love story unfold in ‘Harphoul Mohini’ starting 14th June 2022 and thereafter every Monday to Friday at 9 pm, only on COLORS!