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Chai Sutta Bar spreads taste of Kulhad with yet another venture in Tricity

Chai Sutta Bar
Chai Sutta Bar

Chandigarh, November 12, 2021 (22G TV) Chai Sutta Bar, a brand known for its Fresh & Beauty Blended Tea, is all set to spread the warmth & holiness of Kulhad Chai on 10th November 2021, in Chandigarh University, Punjab. The newly arrived store was welcomed with hoots & hooray in a closed event adhering to COVID 19 guidelines at Showroom No 1, Opposite South Campus Gate, D4 Chandigarh University, Gharoun, Mohali.

Anubhav Dubey Kulhad Man of India, Co-Founder of Chai Sutta Bar said, “We’re on a mission to spread the word about our Kulhad Chai and get people to experience it globally & taste the aroma of India’s soil through Kulhad in their every sip.”

“The CSB philosophy is to provide exceptional customer service and an outstanding experience. Our vision is for CSB to become a global brand dedicated to creating pleasure in individuals and society as a whole. With our Captivating site in Chandigarh, we intend to expand tremendously and celebrate tea with cheers and chuski,” added “Anubhav.

Chandigarh, the greenest capital of the country with mesmerizing architecture, buildings & roads holds a special place in every heart who admires it joyfully. The company decided to keep quality high while keeping expenses low in order to keep wallets tight and hearts light with the aroma of Chai. Over 100 cities and countries have received the brand’s soulful Tea, including Dubai and Oman, to name a few.

Kulhad’s brilliant legacy faded with the passage of time, and “Chai” fell out of favour. In July 2016, a modern chai bar with no “sutta breaks” debuted under this concept, serving Kadak tea on the bar table. CSB is a low-cost tea establishment that employs potters all year and also hires orphans to help them feel valued and independent. They were able to successfully distribute SafeTea around the country even in the midst of the pandemic, bringing hope and enjoyment to people’s lives.