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BE YOU Miss Tricity-2024 winner hails delicious dishes of Oven Roast and Grill

BE YOU Miss Tricity-2024
BE YOU Miss Tricity-2024

Chandigarh, Apr 26,2024 (22G TV) Known for its delectable array of oven-roasted and grilled delights that tantalize the taste buds and ignite the senses, Oven Roast and Grill at SCO 475- 476, in Sector 35C, Chandigarh, today hosted BE YOU Miss and Mrs Winner-2024 Miss Rhythm, a law student, 1st Runner Up Mrs Mandeep Ghotra, a pilot with Air India, and 2nd Runner up Miss Shweta Thakur, a working IT professional from Himachal Pradesh.

“It is a matter of great delight to visit Oven Roast and Grill where trained chefs transform simple ingredients into culinary marvels, infusing each dish with creativity and passion. From succulent roast meats to vibrant grilled vegetables, every bite is a celebration of flavour and texture,” said Rhythm.

Sharing his thoughts, Sanjeev Bhatia, Managing Director, Oven Roast and Grill, said: “It was a great pleasure to host BE YOU – Miss and Mrs Tricity-2024 at our restaurant where they enjoyed our iconic dishes to their extreme delight.”

“Their dishes reflect a commitment to quality and innovation, elevating traditional techniques with modern flair. We invite diners to Oven Roast and Grill on a gastronomic journey, where every bite tells a story of skillful craftsmanship and culinary excellence,” said Mandeep Ghotra, a pilot with Air India.

Talking about the diversity of dishes, Bhatia said that apart from Italian, Mexican, Thai, Continental, pan Asian, European, we have our speciality roasted chicken, sizzlers veg and non-veg, pastas white sauce, mix sauce and red sauce, Dimsum, sushi, prawns, salmon fish, steam fish with mango salsa.

About special beverages, he said: “Our special beverages include vast range of cold coffee with bobba bubble, shakes with bobba bubble; Mocktails with bobba bubble, slush, collars, fruity frappe, ice-tea, smoothies all with boo bubbles. Mouth watering hot and cold dessert, Brownie sizzler, pan cakes, eggless cakes and cake slices, and fruit punch add incredible value to the customers’ dining experience.”

Sharing more details, Bhatia said: “Customer satisfaction is our priority. We get feedback from our customers on regular basis. Our customers are 100 per cent satisfied with our quality and quantity. Restaurant ambience is very elegant with hi-end interiors. We have a separate hall for parties for minimum 50 persons with special menu of Indian and continental.”

Founder, Former Miss India Finalist, Runway Model and Coach BE YOU Miss & Mrs Tricity-2024 said Aprajita Sharma said that every woman requires a substantial platform to witness her innermost talent and present it to the world. With proper mentorship, there is no stopping the power of a woman, she said.