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As Marjeena agrees to marry the Shehzada, is this the end of Ali’s love story?

Alibaba – Ek Andaaz Andekha Sony SAB
Alibaba – Ek Andaaz Andekha Sony SAB

Chandigarh : 6th March 2023 (22G TV) Alibaba – Ek Andaaz Andekha is Sony SAB’s biggest family entertainer. It follows Ali (Abhishek Nigam) through his many adventures and fights against the evils of his land. After finding Marjeena (Manul Chudasama), Ali struggled to win her over. With time he learned Marjeena was enamoured by a Shehzada and was left helpless until he realised the Shehzada is actually a beast who is responsible for the killing of multiple people around him.

The upcoming episodes will see Marjeena agreeing to marry the Shehzada. With a wedding in tow, Ali will find himself helpless against the beast. In a final attempt to save the love of his life, will Ali come up with a plan or is this the end of his and Marjeena’s love story?

Manul Chudasama, who plays the role of Marjeena, said, “Marjeena and Ali have been by each other’s sides from the very beginning. Marjeena is still not in her senses, so for her to catch onto Ali’s love is going to be a bit of a challenge. She is also unaware of the Shehzada’s true identity. I think the audience is really going to like this week’s track; its going to be full of drama, love and adventure.”

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